Poetry in the Air

Voices of Alaska read selections from Joy Harjo’s An American Sunrise

This recording was used to create a contextual soundscape at an event at the Juneau Douglas City Museum on October 1, 2021. Poems from Joy Harjo’s An American Sunrise were recorded by 17 volunteer readers from all across Alaska. Visitors encountered Harjo’s poems exploring the lasting impacts of dispossession, assimilation and cultural erasure in the context of Harjo’s Muscogee Creek lineage while viewing images from the Echoes of War: Unangax̂ Internment During WWII exhibit. Echoes of War tells “the story of the people of St. Paul and St. George (the Pribilof Islands) who experienced internment in Southeast Alaska at Funter Bay from June 1942 to May 1944, and their subsequent return home to the Pribilof Islands. Telling this story in the words of those who experienced it, we aim to highlight this event and shed light on a topic that is often excluded from history books and school curriculums around the country. Due to the pandemic, this exhibit will be on display through October 18th, 2021.

Stephanie Reynolds
Jared Olin
Jeffrey Brady
Jonas Lamb (reader and producer)
MJ Grande
Riley Nye
Cheryl Silcox
Ernestine Hayes
Lily Pothier
Eric Johnson
Shawna McMahon
Anne Fuller
Mistee St. Clair
Debby Dahl Edwardson
Chemery Marte
Susan Derrera
Katie Bausler

Featuring openly licensed music by Ketsa, Lobo Loco, Monolog Rockstars, orakhal, The Mind Orchestra and The Island of Tranquil Exactitude from the Free Music Archive.